Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Quick sewing update and news of a fantastic craft event in aid of the Poppy Appeal 2013.

Morning all, I am attempting to have a house work free day today but I doubt I will manage it, guilt you see!

Love, love, love these little stamps which my sister gave me, so versatile as they work on paper but very well on fabric, too.

Anyhow, just thought I would show you that I have sewn labels onto the bags I am sewing for my baking cupboard and I am pretty pleased with them! (Apologies for my microwave sneaking in at the back - I am trying harder with my photos.)

Really keen to make a few for the Christmas craft fair as if I do not sell them all I can use them for putting presents in, perhaps for the teachers.

Let me know what you think!

Also, just a gentle reminder of the next craft event at which you can find me. Hope to see you there, and DO tell your friends!

Catch ya later! xx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bargians bought at Bowlee boot fair!

I have been on the hunt, again, for some boot fair booty - love a good rummage! On Sunday we went to a huge indoor flea market and out door boot fair. I went with a few things in mind to look for and see what I came home with?!

I am constantly on the look out for small doilies with which to eventually make a string of bunting to put in the spare room. (This is another idea I have seen by Sarah Moore.) I found these three lovelies for just £1.

Then, my next treasure is an earthenware pot for £2 in which to put the loo brush in the spare room. I intend to get a wooden brush as soon as possible, now that I have found the pot -  plastic just does not fit the room at all; bit by bit I SHALL get it perfect.

I love cream jugs as I feel they make brightly coloured flowers look much better than glass ones. This was £1.50; haggled him down from £2 when he said he was selling them for that due to the current interest in shabby chic!

I remembered yesterday that I had some dessert apples in the fridge which I did not want to spoil so baking an apple and pear cobbler seemed a good idea. Turned out proper yummy, as Tom Kerridge might say, and the fruit didn't go quite as mushy as with a crumble or pie.Just lovely with plain yoghurt.

Now, talking of baking, who will be tuned into the grand finale of TGBBO tonight? I surely will. I would love to see Frances win to prove that she is not just style over substance.

Well, I am just about to go and finish cleaning the bathroom and fold some clean washing before changing our bed. Hope you enjoyed my newest rambling and hope you will drop by again soon.

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Catch ya later. xx