Friday, 3 January 2014

I've taken The Pledge!

I pledge to Pretty Nostalgic!


You may have realised that I am a great fan of Pretty Nostalgic, the fairly new publication I mentioned in my post yesterday. Well, I have taken my love of the magazine one step further and signed up to their pledge. Fancy doing the same? Visit their website at here.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I love the way that New Year' brings a fresh start for everybody. It can be a second, or third, chance to start again. I don't like making resolutions but always strive to try harder at what I do and improve a little. I love the first, clean page on a notebook and that is exactly how I feel about the beginning of a new year. (I started this post a day or so ago but some how it got deleted - arggghh -  so here I am again! Breathe.

I read an article about a couple who have shopped supermarket-free for a whole year, here is their blog. They are using local produce and supporting local suppliers and making from scratch with the ingredients they buy instead of buying what they need. I like the idea of this very much and so today I bought all of my fruit and veg for the week from a local greengrocer, the same one where I bought my cheap chutney tomatoes, I am waiting to find out if I can have my milk delivered, yesterday I made bread which I proved on the top of our wood-burner in the living room and today made four wholemeal pizza bases, complete with tomato paste and cheese, to go in the freezer instead of buying them. I love the idea of having bacon or sausage sandwiches with good door step bread slices for breakfast. Wish me luck and I hope to share some more of my exploits here with you.

I am also beginning the new year with a new magazine subscription that I have been absolutely dying to get. I have mentioned Pretty Nostalgic magazine before but if you are new to my blog check it out here. It is a wonderful magazine with a vintage feel which celebrates all things brilliantly British, gives you a guide to sustainable living and how to make do and mend. I love it! I also subscribe to Country Living magazine and these two just fuel my dream, but hopefully one day a reality, of wandering around in my apron and wellies feeding by chickens on a small holding with my husband somewhere in the Lake District.

Having issues with Blogger so better post this now before it disappears!

Catch ya later and thanks for stopping by. xx