Monday, 27 July 2015

Good news, no, fab news!

Today we finally have received and accepted an offer on the house! Get in!!

We are beside ourselves with excitement. Obviously we are a little nervous because of things falling through last time, however our uber wonderful solicitor assures us that due to our buyers just about being ready to exchange the likelihood of it going belly up again is very very unlikely. 

The thing is they are looking to move by September 1! Our solicitor says this is more than achieveable and, although a little mad crazy, it would mean we can start school in Wales on the 2nd! Eeeek!

I am very pleased we are going away on Wednesday more than ever now as it gives me time to get my head straight and not go right into panic mode. A friend at school asked me if I had a list when I told her we had accepted our other offer. I said I didn't have a list, I had a book! I live my life by lists it has to be said so a lot of my prep is done; just a case of putting things into place. Once we have exchanged I can get on with lots of stuff but not quite figured out how I'm going to get school supplies organised; there will have to be a trip to the school shop before we move that is for sure.

I'm sure you can imagine my head is like spaghetti at the moment, but just wish me luck and I will be keeping you updated on the next mad five weeks or so of our crazy life situation.

Catch you later.xx

Two sleeps to go but still no news.


We have only two sleeps to go until our week away in the sun. Eeek!

Since my boys came back yesterday I've done three loads of washing 'n' drying and laid out most things ready for packing. Hubs and the boys are convinced they are travelling in their swim shorts so they can jump straight into the pool as soon as we get to Nana's apartment!

On the house front, we are still waiting for final feedback following our second viewing on Thursday. Our agent was working like a trooper on Saturday to get the thing put to bed and hopefully we will get a result, positive or otherwise, by the end of today.

Oh, it has finally stopped raining since it started at about 4am!

Nothing else to say really apart from our printer has really given up the ghost, it seems, even though we spent more on this one than others we have bought in the past. I print off lots of things for my Household Notebook such as shopping and inventry lists, daily planner sheets, things for the boys etc so I can run my house as smoothly as I always want to, mostly!

You may hear from me later, I really, really do hope so - the waiting is driving me mad. If we haven't accepted an offer on the house before we go away I will be a bit disappointed but I will not let it spoil the time and relaxation we so need after a few months of worry and waiting. (Hubs had a cancer scare recently but thankfully all is beautifully wonderful with his health now. I am more grateful than anybody could ever know because the life we have together with our boys would not be anything like it is if he was not the man he is. Here endeth the lesson!)

Catch you later - I hope!xx

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Thank you!

A super quick post to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have received a ridiculous amount of traffic on my blog in the last week with new followers, comments and regular readers.

I say comments, but I wonder when I have received almost 200 visits today but hardly any comments I wonder what people really think of my musings and ramblings.

I'd love to know. xx


Inspiration and excitement.

Good morning!

Hi to Trudie and Sue, my new followers - thanks ladies.

Over the last couple of days I have had chance to look at and be inspired by lots of lovely new blogs. The reason I have been able to do this is because my two gorgeous boys have been away. But more of that later.

Some of the blogs I have found to read are on my 'Blogs To Inspire Me and You' list. These include Our Quiet Life In Suffolk, Frugally Challenged and Shoestring Cottage - Frugal Living but others I have not listed yet. Also I have been commenting on lots of things but now forgetting on which ones so struggling to see if anybody has replied to my ramblings! 

The reason I've been able to do this is the boys have been with the Gramps for a whole week, hubs has been working and I have had oodles of me time. But, this morning hubs has headed off to North Wales to bring my boys home!Woop woop!

We have lots of things to do when they get back in readiness for our week away at Nana's in Menorca, leaving home very early on Wednesday for a 7am flight. We need a trip to the barbers as their hair will be sooo long now and I've washing to do because some of their fav clothes and things went with them for the week. I have pulled out the suitcase in readiness for packing - just taking one of 25k between us as we can use Nana's washing machine, fab, and hopefully bring home some clean things like last time!

Ok, think I should go now as I need to put on a wash load as it looks like quite good drying weather.

Catch you later.xx