Friday, 4 December 2015

Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) anybody have trouble with this?

Good afternoon.

I've just put two loaves in to bake and now I'm having lunch whilst listening to Jeremy Vine. (Eating an uber un-healthy Pot Noodle but what hurts now and then?) 

Current subject is as the title of this post. I have, of course, heard of it before. I do feel very sorry for people suffering from this condition. My favourite times of the year are Autumn and November. I love the drawing in of the nights, comfort food, closing the curtains early and lighting the fire at about 3pm so all is cozy when my men come home; somebody on the radio described the dark days as mushroom sky. 

I know the last couple of weeks here in Wales we have had rain and wind of biblical proportions, but I have to say that as long as we and the dog are indoors safe and we are not making unnecessary journeys then we are ok. 

It really is some sort of mental health issue though as people report having suffered from depression before the SAD is diagnosed.

I have always been quite a positive and up beat kind of person and not really susceptible to periods of darkness.

As I said, I have realy sympathy for those who find the darker months of the year a real chore to deal with.

Does anybody have trouble with this or know anybody?


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Kitchen decorations making me smile.

(Decided to go red for Christmas typing.)

I love love love decorating the kitchen, more than anywhere else in the house I think becasue I spend a lot of my day in here. Being lucky enough to have the fab table and benches Jon made, I sit and type my blog, eat my breakfast and lunch, write letters etc. Plus I have a good window out to the world even on a dull day.

Today I have been putting up more decorations and here are some of the ones in the kitchen. I have incorporated my love of French linen where I can because I really like the red with the off white and is perfect for the season.

Can't have Christmas without Country Living!
Great to have a table decoration that can be moved quickly and easily if necessary.

Don't know what the HT stands for.

Simple way to dress up a plain candle.

I think I have about reached the limit for the kitchen, but the tree goes up at the weekend and then I have a couple of projects in mind including one for the front door but I need Hub's help with that.

Bye for now, Lou.x


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Preparation for pies and other stuff.

Despite the terribly windy and wet weather we ventured out on Sunday to get the food shopping. I was desperate to get the last ingredients for the mincemeat and this I did.

Once all was unpacked and the boys had been fed I set to with the mincemeat. The boys helped a little which was great.

I made a huge amount with a base of 4lb of dried fruit so I don't think we'll run out!

Pastry will be next at the weekend with the lovely recipe from Mary Berry which includes icing sugar and orange zest. Mmmm. I will also need to get a few other things as I'm making Clementine curd, I have the clenetines but need a lemon or two as well.

Some poeple have been talking about their planning methods to make sure they get stuff done. Well, I always have a planner of some sort at Christmas and here it is for December. I have back sheets for shopping lists, things to bake and make, things to do for the boys etc.

The decorations began going up this morning, starting with the kitchen as usual! I have been dreaming about putting this paper globe up in the kitchen ever since I saw Jamie Oliver had one in his kitchen, and I saw one in a magazine. We bought it and a couple of small ones last year but so pleased I could get this one up here!

Well, better go as have one loaf proving and one baking just now.

Take care, Lou.xx